Surf World Series Announced: Master Monster Waves on PS4

surfing is one of the international’s iconic severe sports – right here at Climax Studios, we’ve captured the depth of the surging waves and killer hints and pulled them into the sector of gaming with Surf world series. We’re bringing collectively five of the world’s most notorious surfing locations, consisting of Bells seashore, Australia and Waimea Bay, Hawaii, combining them ... Read More »

‘A Christmas Carol’ musical returns to Manship — with a twist

When area singers heard that the Manship Theatre and Playmakers of Baton Rouge were planning a concert version of the “A Christmas Carol” musical they performed several years ago, it sounded enjoyable and easy. They were half right. The production, which will take the Manship stage Wednesday and Thursday, Dec. 21-22, in collaboration with Playmakers of Baton Rouge, isn’t one ... Read More »

Dragon Quest XI Releases In Japan In 2017, Platform-Exclusive Features In The Works

Square Enix revealed the latest on their highly anticipated RPG, Dragon Quest XI, at Jump Festa 2017. Here’s a recap of the info that was shared on the special stage presentation. Game designer & scenario writer Yuji Horii, producer Yosuke Saito,and director Takeshi Uchigawa took tot he stage to share the newest information on the stream. During the live stream, ... Read More »

SUPER IMPOSSIBLE ROAD. For once, cheaters do prosper

Remember the arguments about cutting corners back in the days of kart racers? The justifiable fuming as a rival ignores what feels like half of the track with an effective boost at just the right second? Well, in this intriguing indie racer, avoiding the road is the point. Here, you need to see how quickly you can get to the ... Read More »

THE LAST GGUARDIAN: After years of waiting, we’re finally let loose in PS4’s most enigmatic game

There’s a certain sense of irony in The Last Guardian’s opening credits. As a camera pans across pages of an illustrated bestiary, beginning with familiar animals before moving on to unicorns, griffins, dragons and, finally, the dog-cat-bird Trico, we can’t help but smile. Of course it should begin like this; given its protracted development time, the game itself feels every ... Read More »

Pro pads to make you a control freak PS4 players, meet the two new licensed controllers

Quick – cover your DualShock’s eyes. Done? Check out these drool-worthy new PS4 pads, specially designed for eSports play. Must…Touch… All… The… Buttons… Out in time for Christmas, the two tournament-grade controllers– the Nacon evolution (above) and the Razer Raiju (below) –incorporate DualShock control systems and are optimised for any PS4: the original version, slimmer system, or beefed-up Pro. Three-metre ... Read More »

PS VR’s weirdest game yet? Urban myth Polybius comes to life

Do you remember Polybius? Legend has it that the mysterious arcade game from Newport, Oregon brought illness and even death upon those who played it… that’s if it even existed in the first place. If it didn’t then it certainly does now, thanks to indie game dev Jeff Minter. He’s creating a trippy PS VR-exclusive reimagining of the game – ... Read More »

Obama declines to sign Iran sanctions renewal, but it still becomes law

In an unexpected reversal, President Barack Obama declined to sign a renewal of sanctions against Iran but let it become law anyway, in an apparent bid to alleviate Tehran’s concerns that the U.S. is backsliding on the nuclear deal. Although the White House had said that Obama was expected to sign the 10-year-renewal, the midnight deadline came and went Thursday with ... Read More »

PS vr’s arrival excites players and devs alike

Virtual reality headset brings brilliant new titles – and huge potential, say devs. the future has arrived…in your living room. PS vr is finally here, and those of us who secured a pre-order (or got our paws on limited in-store stock) are merrily sacrificing our social lives to the virtual realm on a daily basis. it’s official: we’re in gaming ... Read More »